The team at EquipmentFX are Committed to the introduction and execution of web, mobile and integrated marketing and technology programs to help our clients create and manage more customers, for lower long term costs.

We are Passionate about new, but tested solutions and removing the fear of the road ahead when it comes to managing the digital future.

We are Relentless in our pursuit of new technology and education about the impact of this technology to your bottom line and customer satisfaction.



We are Passionate about new, but tested solutions and removing the fear of the road ahead when it comes to managing the digital future.

We are Relentless in our pursuit of new technology and education about the impact of this technology to your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

May 2014

EquipmentFX receives private funding to grow product, service and consulting business focused on mobile and inventory management programs.

May 2014

EquipmentFX relaunches new site promoting advanced, but simple solutions for the equipment industry to own their online, mobile and digital futures with self directed plans, “done for you” services and custom projects designed by you, for you.

July 2013

EquipmentFX forms strategic joint ventures with industry thought and technology leaders, begins creation of ResaleFX, an advanced equipment trading platform for buyers and seller

March 2013

EquipmentFX files patents on “App Suite”, begins design and development of licensable mobile applications centered around used equipment and equipment listings. Forms core group of strategic partnerships with companies that have world class mobile capabilities.

December 2012

EquipmentFX validates “App Suite” series of mobile applications designed to improve inventory liquidation and customer service processes with leading mobile development company and begins development of the “App Suite” program for dealers and individual users to work from their smart devices.

March 2012

EquipmentFX completes OEM and Dealer Development plan for international equipment dealers, with an emphasis on developing digital dealers and lead generation.

December 2011

EquipmentFX delivers inventory management and remarketing project to DLL Financial, reducing days to sale and increasing margins using a system of and inspection management.

June 2011

EquipmentFX designs inventory management and remarketing program with TuffWerx, LLC, centered around equipment inspections, dealer remarketing for delivery to DLL Financial Services.

March 2011

EquipmentFX performs emergency service for Seegrid Corporation and delivers website, social media platform and program and 19 pieces of collateral in 45 days before MHEDA Convention. Doesn’t make friends but gets the job done, on time and on budget.

January 2011

EquipmentFX begins business growth and development project for Ranger Lift Trucks focusing on marketing, inspections and liquidation processes to solve the basic problem of improving the quality of equipment listings by using technology to build trust and increase margins

September 2009-January 2011

First clients and projects, formation of strategic partnerships, introduction to the Equipment industry and challenges/opportunities we have to improve our sales, marketing and support processes using better technology and advanced sales and marketing strategy.

June 2009

EquipmentFX formed, first strategic partner relationship with WebpageFX (web, SEO and business system development), website constructed and launched.

July 2007

Steve Smith resigns his position of VP/GM of Johnson Lift after record sales, share and processes built with committed team members and a true, repeatable, predictable marketing system. He had a goal of bringing better marketing and technology solutions to the equipment industry after testing as many things as he could find to see what works, what doesn’t and bringing these findings to this great industry.

January 2007

5 year pilot study completed based on online, offline and advanced lead generation strategy tied to leads, sales, margins and new customers. Read the Whole Story


Johnson Lift awarded “Dealer of Distinction” based on performance, the largest metro area dealer to receive the award, based on sales, marketing and operating performance.


Web strategy tied to SEO, contact forms, leads pushed to flip phones (yes, way back then!), use of landing page re-directs (the “Amazon” strategy) and email auto-responders (the “Expedia” strategy) Initiates a “4 X 48 Hour Response” customer response program. Read the Whole Story


NACCO commissions study on Johnson Lift, named “What it’s Like When it’s Right”. Download A Free Template

June 2002

Johnson Lift invents the most comprehensive Used Equipment Checklist on the market, sales of Used equipment double in two years, margins increase by 29%. See the Checklist Here

January 1999

Steve kills all Yellow Page ads, and quarterly 25K circulation “Jubilee”, saving $150K per year and redirecting investment into 100% internet strategy starting with Overture Analytics (before Google was Google). He’s not making friends, but there IS a plan!

August 1998

Steve is promoted to VP/GM of the lift division of Johnson Machinery, a CAT dealer, and asks the most formative question of his life…”What is our customer acquisition strategy?”, hears answer… “That is the salesmen’s responsibility, what kind of question is that?!”, writes business plan around internet marketing in 5 days, calls Goldmine vendor and installs CRM system to track data and customers, and begins a most interesting journey…