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We help visionary OEM’s and dealers design a better digital future that
improves awareness, leads, sales… and your bottom line!

Why Me?

For over 30 years, 17 as dealer principal building the first digital dealership in North America, and 14 as owner of my digital agency, EquipmentFX, we’ve changed the paradigm of what’s possible in the digital age for visionary OEM’s and their dealer network.

We focus on our unique A3 assessment, find and understand the gaps in strategy and implementation, and transform companies large and small into digital powerhouses. with a systematic, “equipment focused” approach that gets you from here to where you want to go, faster,

We build equipment focused work scopes and solutions into everything we do… together.


Prior to leaving the equipment dealer world in 2007, I had a keen appreciation for the outsource network of marketing partners I had developed as dealer principal (and marketing guy). The revelation I had before doing my own thing was, after deep learning and understanding the processes to drive digital success was, “who is going to do all this stuff and how do can you possibly stay on top of it all??” So, I left and did my own thing, focusing on implementation strategies after deep discovery on what we’re trying to accomplish, short, medium and long term. You can do a lot with a little these days, if you have a network of experts to build a brand and company.


Most companies in our industry don’t change as fast as they could. And they design solutions that are dated the moment they go live. My expertise lies in anticipating change, suggesting solutions (mobile, cloud, database, architecture, marketing systems, new and disruptive/effective technologies, the list goes on) and making sure we’re on the same page with what we’re trying to accomplish. These can often be hard discussions but I am an expert in knowing what will or won’t work and flex given the nature of corporate initiatives.

Why Your Company?

If you’re passionate about your value proposition and things you think you do better than the competition, or WANT to do better than the competition and don’t want to wait forever to get after it, we’re a good fit. My experience over the last 30 years has shown a large gap between the actual and the possible. My goal with any job I take on is to help discover options to close this gap and create more customers and great experiences using advanced digital strategy. If you’re interested in new ideas and creative thinking, I’d love to talk.

Stephen T. Smith

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