Who Are We and What the Heck are we Doing? Changing the Game is All…

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Who Are You?

No, I’m not from outer space, but I get asked about this a lot. I have dealer DNA in me, with a serious bent towards researching why and how customers buy. It just so happened my journey led me down a path that uncovered some technologies that are simply amazing.
I look critically that these technologies and see whether it would be a good fit, now, or in the future. Then I try them myself to see what happens. That’s the short version of me.

Why Are You Doing This?

Yep, this is another area. Our dealership was studied as an example of a best practice dealer, in large part due to our sales, marketing and technology plan that was about 10 years ahead of anyone. I had a lot of visitors in to see what we did, and many people encouraged me to consult, so I am.
Every day is a day to learn, so I enjoy really refining best practices from a lot of disciplines that our industry might find useful or helpful, then I share it out to our audience. I love to see the light go on when something is understood, and it’s not that difficult most of the time.

What Do You Do, Exactly?

In many cases, I just connect people with ideas and they do their thing. In other cases, I connect people with my strategic partners, and we collaborate on a project. I speak equipment (and technology now), so we work on a plan that speeds up your learning curve and we deliver the project like you asked.
I have attended over 150 webinars each year for the last three years. When I review this information, I see what might, or might not apply to our industry and summarize the information. I also test pretty much everything under the sun to see whether you or your customer would do, or use, something.

How is This Done, Exactly?

I start with a free, 30 minute discovery session, then send you about a 2 page overview of some areas that you can focus on, whether you use me or not. Then, if you agree that there might be something to this approach, we can discuss some options that might work.

What Does the Whole Process Look Like, More or Less?

After initial discovery, go back and do your own internal resource assessment. I give you the tools to do this. This way, you can hear it from your employees about whether you’re ready, do they have ideas etc. This can take some time, so spend some time and really do initial discovery right.
If you decide that you might want some help along the way, then we can discuss how much time you would need, what the project might look like, and some basic project parameters that would define success for you.

What is Different About You, Exactly?

Personally, equipment is all I know, and I love the opportunity our industry has to improve in some areas. To create change for our industry, I have taken the road less traveled and have worked deep inside some of the leading technology companies in the world (literally), to figure out what they need to deliver a project to our industry like it should be.
This is no small task. We speak equipment, they speak technology, so I have developed my own team of companies and individuals that now speak equipment. This keeps confusion and costs to a minimum, now that I understand their numbers and system on their end.

Can You Give Me Some Background on Your Partnerships?

First and foremost, I consider myself a professional “Vetter” of professional services businesses when it comes to technology, sales, marketing, internet or other company. Using me will save you time and money in some fashion, even if it’s a free resource.
When I connected with WebpageFX, for example, it took me 48 phone calls until I settled on them as a preferred, not sole, source for web development. My other partnerships have formed over the years based on two things: 1) Experience and 2) Competency.
Many companies claim expertise in overlapping domains, and this leads to inefficiencies. Between the web, mobile and cloud services, there is an integration that one company seldom excels in. So, when you talk about how to connect the dots to provide you information, speed, reliability, security or whatever else you can imagine, doing this requires collaboration.

Do You Have References?

Yes, both personal project references and current clients. Depending on whether it’s a web, mobile or commerce solution, we can provide you with references from some of the largest companies in the world at the leading edge of technology.