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Jon U., International Electric Company, Grid Services

Steve is a marketing genius! His attention to detail in his processes and his commitment to continued learning and growth are unmatched. His strategies work well beyond the equipment world, and I'm happy to refer you to my network.

Just by reviewing his website, anyone can easily understand and gain access to a plan to increase ROI on marketing. They should also quickly realize that it's more effective and cost efficient to outsource their marketing to EquipmentFX.

Tyler C., Van Air, Inc.

Our website redevelopment project was quite large, with more than 100 pages and numerous development tools. We submitted a detailed request for proposal to a half dozen companies, most of which we subsequently interviewed.
The decision required little debate, and we easily decided to go with WebpageFX, with its strong design portfolio and record of praise from previous customers. We weren't disappointed.
Our new website appears at or near the top of Google searches for our four most important terms. We've seen a spike not only in the volume of web-generated leads but also in the quality. I look forward to working with WebpageFX on future web development projects.

Dave G. President, Material Handling Dealer

Steve and I knew each other as Hyster dealer principals. Steve worked for Johnson and had the reputation as a savvy business leader. His use of technology and process set an industry standard. I am sure this experience will serve him well as an industry consultant.

Bob Wilson, York Wire

I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me; and you people have done just that. Every time I take a look at the new website, I'm just amazed at how well it's put together. It no longer looks like it was put together by a high school kid. Finally we have a professional looking website. Thank you.

Cleveland Brothers CAT

Phil C. Yale/Chase, Sales Manager, Material Handling Dealer

Steve provides more information in a shorter period of time than anyone I’ve ever been associated with. He knows the equipment industry as well as anyone I know, but what sets him apart is his ability to connect what we’re doing with a better way of doing. He leads by telling, showing and doing. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the ideas and best practices, but that’s our challenge. You’ll get nothing but great advice and understand new areas that you have never even thought of.
I highly recommend Steve and his team for anything technology related.

Steve D. Technology Services Company

I have worked with Steve on two separate occasions over the years. He has one of the brighter marketing minds of anyone I have worked with in my 30 year career. He knows how to motivate and rally people around him to get results, and understands the industry extremely well. We will certainly use him again in the future.

Karl W., Social Media Project

Steve and I had the opportunity to work together on developing some LinkedIn profiles and business pages. During the work I discovered his social media and equipment consulting services at Equipment FX and a technology partner company of his, focused on the buying and selling of used equipment.

Steve's energy is off the charts on with technology and a vision of how to incorporate this into the equipment world. He is the clear cut leader in the field of consulting on and methods to source, negotiate, and obtain capital equipment at a better value than anywhere else on the web.

Jim B., Product Management, Material Handling OEM

Steve is a rare breed of marketeer. Unlike other marketing experts and executives who know marketing, Steve also knows business, strategy, sales, social media and technology - and the industrial equipment market. It’s this combination that makes him exceptional.
I saw him first-hand work effectively under the tightest deadline I’ve ever seen given to a vendor (i.e. beyond the last minute) – collaborating to develop the big picture - strategy, vision, brand positioning, and priorities, and doing hands-on development of the tactical – messages, website, design, collateral, social media, etc.

Pete C., Business Development Manager, Material Handling OEM

Steve was hired by our company to develop a wide variety of marketing collateral and other materials to be used by our team to further our business development efforts. As part of this project, Steve worked with many of us to 1) Enhance his understanding of our business, 2) Lead discussions to elicit our points of view and seek input into the key messaging and 3) Review and develop the collateral. My role was to participate in many of these discussions and provide input.

Steve demonstrated a thorough understanding of the material handling industry. I found him to be a very good facilitator with the communication skills necessary to bring together many different ideas and work styles and meld them into a set of key messages for our business.

Erik D., President/Founder, Web & Technology Company

Steve is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. His mind never stops churning on ideas across a broad range of subjects, whether it be sales strategy, marketing strategy and message creation, business ideas, and more. From a sales standpoint he's got what it takes to bring in the big deals, having landed us a large international client. I'm looking forward to working with him as we build this business!

Galen G., Owner, Material Handling Dealer

Steve has given us advice and guided us over a number of years. We’ve doubled our sales in the last couple of years even in a tough economy. We’ve stuck to his plans and depend on him to help us sift through what we should or shouldn’t do. He connects tested methods we all understand with new and sometimes confusing terms.
His advice is not something you would expect from our industry, but my advice is to listen to him at every turn and trust him to help you do the right thing. His honesty and integrity is without equal, he’s available 24/7 it seems, and he’s turned into our “GO TO” person with anything related to technology, marketing and how to position our company.