EquipmentFX Projects

A short list of creative projects for OEM’s, dealers, leasing & finance and equipment that needed help and got it!  Contact us today for a custom solution!

Fix it Now… Or Later?

People hire us to help fix things quickly, for 14 years and counting!  When as left the OEM and dealer world, we had a vision to do more with less around digital services and strategy.  We built the first, true digital dealership and created more leads than we knew what to do with. From 436 qualified leads the first year, to 4856 leads year five. Our OEM told us to quit sending them out of territory leads!  Sounds like a good problem to have!

Develop a “Success Network”

Today’s digital world is a complex, ever changing maze of technologies, service partners, everyone doing their part to bring your brand and value proposition to a whole new level.  Every success vendor we take on is an extension of the FX brand, committed to providing true, lasting, measureable digital experiences for our clients.

Real Time Success Metrics

Best of all, with a solid plan and KPI metrics on the total cost of creating new customers and selling more to existing customers, you can see a reduction in overall marketing costs by as much as 100%.  If you’d like to review a past, 5 year lead study, please see Sample Project Types.

Business Development for Forklift Dealer

Project included business plan, complete set of recommendations and action steps including website, social media, CRM system, buy/sell processes and mobile application (s) to streamline equipment inspections, post equipment for sale and sell for higher margins. Business has continued to grow during good and bad times since implementation of the plan.

SANY America Re-Branding & Digital Makeover

Rebuilt website, social media, re-branded the company, redeveloped new product literature, developed dealer recruiting brochure, conceived of and secured trademarks “Tough Equipment for Tough Applications” & “Industry’s Strongest Warranty”, rebuilt the value proposition away from a “Made in China” theme to “built with the best components in the world” focus, organized and delivered multiple trade shows in a 60 day window and more!

Platform Design & Development for Major Industrial OEM

Partnership and launch of platform that enables service partners to interact, use resources, market and generally support a new product introduction, in partnership with large, nationally known OEM. The project also built a network of search optimized dealer and product pages to leverage Google local searches, manage and distribute leads, optimized email marketing to dealers and customers and provided detailed reporting on activity, new customers and new customer spend to measure return on marketing investment.

Dealer Development & Best Marketing Practices

This project focused on how to scale marketing best practices across all dealer locations in Russia. The project combined the history of marketing, how it applies to equipment dealers, digital and traditional marketing methods and how to set up tracking metrics. The 117 page report emphasized scale, training and best practices that any dealer employee can learn with the right information. Available for review.

Leasing Company Equipment Liquidation Program

This project focused on developing and implementing a plan to inspect equipment, post it for sale, email a targeted, pre-qualified group of buyers, followed by successive rounds of promotion to targeted, private buyers. In one category, days to sale were reduced from 24 months to 30 days. We eliminated the need for auction services, increased margins, charged less than auction and set a standard still in use as of 2020.

Emergency Website, Social and Total Marketing Plan for OEM

This project consisted of building a website, SEO plan, social media profiles and 19 pieces of collateral from scratch in less than 60 days prior to the largest Material Handling Tradeshow (MHEDA) in the world.  Project included 60 days straight of working on-site with engineers to better understand the core value proposition so robotic industrial forklifts were considered a viable alternative to human operated machines and equipment.  And didn’t run into anyone during use.

Social Media Management Presentation to Trade Association

This presentation and program covered social media, separated the hype from what’s important and boiled down the basics so the equipment industry can make sense of the noise that’s out there. The presentation looked at trends, technologies, the “how to” in the equipment industry and general guidelines to be engaged without being caught up in the time waste that most companies are prone to engage in.

Forklift Dealer(s) Marketing Co-op

This project focused on developing a plan for a Dealer 20 Group to work together in some general capacity, develop best practices and lower costs collectively among them. It covered the basics of offline media (tear sheets, mailers, professional material that creates a great first impression), how to promote the online portion of marketing (websites, calls to action, dealer local profile pages), and tracking interest (phone calls, online contact forms).

Metro Area Forklift Business Development Project

This project chronicles the best practices from the dealership I managed. We were studied by NACCO Industries in a pilot study that documented what we did that was right. The study was called “What it’s Like When it’s Right”, and focused on sales, marketing, internet marketing and mobile devices before any of it was trendy or that well understood. A full project and true labor of love!


We have set up several custom surveys for employees at companies of all types and sizes.  It generally takes an intro call, a follow on meeting to agree on the questions, one day of set up in Survey monkey, and we’re emailing the next day.  We usually allow for a week to 10 days to collect and analyze the responses, the information is great to have and is a big morale booster when the recommendations are taken or problems addressed.  And we are a LOT cheaper and faster than other survey companies, We speak equipment, and we organize the results in plain English the leadership team can make sense of.


We have engaged with over 165 companies over the last 12 years.  Some engagements are years long, others a few phone calls at no charge.  We are passionate about bringing better standards to our great industry, so if you have an idea about anything, please reach out anytime.

You never know where a short call goes, but we’ve seen some great things accomplished over the years, with or without the FX team during the implementation stage of any project. We firmly believe there is vision, talent and potential waiting to be unlocked at most companies.

Private Equity Owned Leasing Company Business Development & Acquisition

This project involved creating a message, value proposition, collateral, digital marketing processes, fleet management & asset management inspection and re-marketing processes, and many other unique components for a new division of a leasing and fleet management company. The main project was to convey to customers and prospects the uniqueness of their services.  The business grew rapidly and was quickly acquired by their parent company for a valuation multiple that proved to be a great return on time and investment for all parties.

Let’s do great work together!