Cloud infrastructure & strategy

No company makes big conceptual or perceptual leaps into new things. But the “cloud” is something every company will have experience with in the future. A cloud based platform to service customers, manage marketing, IT & data or engage employees allows you to provide a much better, lower cost and more reliable solution AND build value into your enterprise.

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Agile Software Development

Web / mobile / devops

The development of web and mobile solutions for your business and customers should be given high priority. As you move away from legacy business systems, there is a new suite of solutions that are better, faster and easy to deploy. These solutions make is easier and faster to retrieve, manage or use data by permission that reduces minutes into seconds.

Web3 & whole system design

Web3 means decentralized work, products and services and platforms to connect them. What this means for visionary companies are new models of business, data, blockchain, platforms and applications. Built right, your community of employees and customers will be self governed and contribute new ideas for the benefit of all. Talk to our web3 experts can help design the perfect solution for today, and tomorrow.

Banking System and Electronic Transfer for Business

Embedded finance solutions

Embedded finance solutions give your company, website or platform new solutions to offer directly to your customers. From credit decision engines, cards & reward systems and creative loan programs, you are now in a position to introduce new, custom solutions to people you already do business with and delight them with new finance alternatives.

Data & analytics

From legacy systems to cloud based solutions, business intelligence combined with AI driven processes can give you better data to make better decisions in real time. We evaluate how you capture data, how you use it and make recommendations on new alternatives and ways of thinking about data in general and build custom dashboards to help visualize all KPI’s that drive your business forward.

Data And Analytics
Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management

Our enterprise asset management solutions focus on increasing the value of equipment assets over time. Our system includes inspection systems, asset service interval notifications and platform solutions. Whole system design includes managing digital media (photos, video), asset history and final sale disposition. Ask for details on next generation asset management and how the cloud is transforming asset management.

Enterprise content management

A solid product value proposition describes a product's characteristics, uses, and differentiators while addressing customers' issues, wants, and needs. Our product value proposition service describes in detail your unique selling proposition, why it’s unique and how it saves the customer time, money and headaches. Ask for examples!

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Salesforce implementation

Salesforce is only effective if used properly and consistently. Understanding why your staff will or won’t use the system and what’s in it for them is critical for system buy-in and results. Our experience is rooted in real world experience of how to get people to use the system by helping to design simple, practical data entry and work tasks that stakeholder benefits from.

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