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Why EquipmentFX?

Over the past 30 years, I was a dealer-principal building the first digital dealership in North America and founded my own digital agency, EquipmentFX, from the ground up. With our unique A3 assessment, we help OEMs and dealer networks pinpoint and understand the gaps in their tactics and implementations, equipping companies—large and small—with customized equipment-focused strategies and tools needed to transform their businesses into digital powerhouses.

What is Our Mission & Purpose?

We’re here to show a better way forward by providing objective analysis and consulting services to gauge how well you do compared to how well you could possibly do. We talk about strategy and belief systems, the value of good marketing and technology and a commitment to long term process improvement to create more customers than ever.

What is Our Value Proposition?

We speak equipment fluently and we make it easy to understand how to stay on top of the pace of digital marketing innovation, change and how to implement best practice strategies. We don’t believe in long term contracts, you can fire us anytime if you’re not happy, but you have to do your part and commit to a better way of doing business for any engagement to work.

FX Projects – Is This You?

There isn’t a company alive that does everything well, all the time. Sometimes an overhaul of strategy and brand is required, but more often it’s a simple assessment, tune up, installation of tools and best practices and you can transform a lot quickly if you do it right. And many times, it’s not easy to spot a gap in the actual vs. the possible. We help close this gap quickly and effectively.

Testimonials – Please Don’t Take OUR Word for It

Over the last 12 + years and 165 + client engagements, we’ve learned how to take good ideas and do something with them quickly to transform companies into digital marketing powerhouses. From big projects, to simple conversations, good ideas come from many areas and can have a lasting, profound effect on your bottom line.