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Creative design services

Creative design improvements or brand overhauls are part of our service offerings. We review the competition, look at current creative and ask “is it different”? Does it communicate your story or difference, and what is the overall first impression going to be when someone sees or experiences your creative design. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Paper color samples arranged in circle. Conceptual photography.
Trendy minimalist flat geometric design. Vertical a4 format.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is defined as anything not digital: branding guidelines, sales collateral, direct mail, general creative, trade shows & management, billboards etc. Your audience is still receptive to traditional marketing and this needs to be addressed in concert with any digital campaign to create alignment in messaging and overall campaign effectiveness.

Social media marketing

Our social media management plans range from simple consulting to implementation through our low cost, highly effective outsource partners that have predictable systems dialed in. From generating, posting, and evaluating the content you put on social sites to profile evaluation and updates, we identify your audience, messages and offers that are most likely to convert a prospect into a paying customer.

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Pr Management

PR management

Very few companies need a full time PR person. We partner with several low cost, highly efficient PR and publishing companies to let the right people know about meaningful events that tie back to your company, products and services. A consistent PR and content plan is affordable and efficient depending on the schedule and frequency and we help optimize a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Tradeshow & promotional

The equipment industry still has a traditional blend of digital, traditional, trade show and promotional activities that need to be balanced. It’s still a relationship business. But there are ways to leverage digital solutions to maximize the effectiveness of trade shows and promotions that lead to cross selling, leads and sales from these same customers.

Empty and customizable Exhibition kiosks, isolated on white.

Multi-location marketing

Multi-location marketing has taken on increasing complexity that the average OEM, dealer or multi-location company simply can’t stay on top of. It’s more than having a Google local page. If you have multiple locations, there are current strategies, tools and vendors that can put most of the hard work on auto-pilot after the initial profile is built and optimized.

Product value propositions

A solid product value proposition describes a product's characteristics, uses, and differentiators while addressing customers' issues, wants, and needs. Our product value proposition service describes in detail your unique selling proposition, why it’s unique and how it saves the customer time, money and headaches. Ask for examples!

Product Value Propositions
Branding Makeovers

Branding makeovers

We have re-developed several brands over the last 15 + years. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, we get stale and produce a lot of “me too” marketing that doesn’t stand out or excite your customers or employees. During our A3 assessment process, we look at the current standards and present options you may consider, whether now or in the future.

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