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Developing a Digital Dealer

Estimated Reading Time: 30 minutes

A LOT has changed in the past few years… leaner staffs, more information coming at us, demanding customers, demanding dealers, social media, mobile devices, mobile computing and a whole bunch of other stuff that impacts how we create and manage customers.  Our dealers are overwhelmed, stick to known plans most of the time and may not be aware of the new fundamentals to drive a dealership forward.

Good News: They DO have the internal resources, time and can execute a vision that will drive them forward.  Listed below, please find a short summary of things to consider as dealers get real in today’s digital world:

  • Internal Support: With some of the young talent they have, dealers can completely and utterly change how leads are created using employees that have the perfect skill set to execute on a digital plan.  This plan might include mastering the Google ecosystem, creating and using video, understanding and applying good social media strategy and a host of other technologies they live and breathe every day
  • Things They Do: On a daily basis, from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Sharing and other key activities, these same employees are extremely well versed in the technologies that the evolving dealership will need to harness to manage their current and emerging generation of customers.
  • Skills to Look For: Post a job looking for certain characteristics, have them bring their phone with them to the interview, and ask them to show you how they 1) Upload and use YouTube to search, share or have fun, 2) Use Facebook on a daily basis, and do they understand how to run contests, promotions OR know where to look for best practices for these, 3) Use mobile apps on a daily basis.  That’s just for starters, but you get the picture.
  • Hours Per Week: A proper social media, content generating and other campaign elements are centered around key activities that should take no more than 10 hours per week. These activities are intertwined with a website, making the website found online,  mobile apps, and other technologies your current and soon-to-be new customers DEMAND a dealer use.
  • Summary of Technologies: From Facebook, to website Content Management Systems, to SEO strategy and YouTube, these technologies you can substantially improve how dealers market and generate leads.  And there is a defined order and structure to use these effectively WITH a dealer business system.

Let me know if you’d like a complete job description and posting for your dealers, injected with some mild humor for our industry.  They can then add to it or customize based on their needs.  Good selling!