Digital Marketing Disciplines for the Equipment Industry

Written by: equipmentfx

December 3, 2019

All OEM’s and equipment dealers have many elements of a digital marketing plan working, or in the “planning” stage. This planning stage can literally last years, and most of the time ALL of what is listed below doesn’t get implemented at all, or properly.

In the coming posts, I’ll take a deeper dive into best practices by core discipline, each takes some explaining and best practice examples to truly understand the possible against the actual and what you are doing today to address these issues.

“Digital Marketing” is defined differently by companies or individuals tasked with doing the work, but to do it effectively, it truly takes a team of qualified experts (internal and outsource or agency relationships) to pull off correctly. There are 8 core disciplines that typically make up a digital marketing system or campaign:

  • Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tracking and Marketing Analytics
  • Testing and Conversion Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization

Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition

Alright, so you have existing customers but want new ones? Where do they come from? How to interrupt them from their busy day, in which they are bombed by over 3,000 marketing messages PER DAY? Studies say you need to get in front of them about 20 times (or catch them under duress because
they need something RIGHT NOW), before they take action. So, you have to commit to a process to target, educate and convert new customers, or risk becoming obsolete in terms of awareness to a new pool of prospects.

Paid traffic and acquisition is usually a Google Adwords campaign managed by an outsource agency or team of internal experts. You pay money to get visibility with well placed ads to your target audience, and hopefully track new interest through engagement to purchase. Then measure your spend against new customers and what they spend in a 2 – 5 year time horizon to understand true return on

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