FX Payment Processing Systems

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Payment Processing Systems

EquipmentFX has partnered with Priority Payment Systems to introduce advanced, secure and cost saving payment processing infrastructure solutions. From equipment OEM to dealer, dealers to vendor and financial services companies, there are immediate and predictable ways to cost savings and new efficiencies using current payment and Fintech solutions.

Priority Payment systems works with 4 of the 10 largest banks in North America and processes over $50B of annual transactions.  These transactions consist of ACH, wire, credit card, debit card and all general means of transactions between a buyer and seller of goods and services.

These programs start with security and database protection.  The processes to understand, simplify and implement standard processes are simple and straight forward.  There are new roles for employees to play, new processes to automate and manage.  A new way forward to cost savings and efficiencies every company should enjoy.

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