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A few times each month, we come across new information from our screened panel of experts that somehow just makes sense in the overall scheme of things. We might even test it before promoting it, but you'll know that each post comes with a practical perspective for our industry.

Why Mobile? It Takes a Few Seconds to Do Things, That’s Why!

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

This section is for another upcoming post, but look at your needs as a business first, then begin to understand why mobile might be a fit for you.  A super short overview might look start with these basic areas:

  • Internal Efficiencies: Improve processes, both external, customer facing AND internal communication strategy
  • Savings/Analysis: Discovery processes will reveal multiple opportunities for savings
  • Employee Feedback: From notification systems, to chat, to closed loop process improvement, mobile provides this opportunity

Data Storage

And, lastly, the question I get asked most often about has to do with data storage.  The quick and dirty answer is it’s hosted on the cloud, is safe and secure and is backed up.  And you access and control the data like you do on your smart phone.  But, it’s smarter to NOT start with Cloud anything… it’s like a mystery word that scares people off.  Instead, start with high level, understandable concepts like:

  • How is the data managed?
  • Who has access to it?
  • What are the security and back up plans?

Big Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When undertaking a mobile project of any kind or scope, there are a few key points to consider first to make this a successful business initiative:

  • Wrong Perspective, Web vs. Mobile: Too often, they are looked at as competing initiatives. Instead, they should be viewed as complimenting each other, NOT as separated platforms.  This preserves the integrity of your team that may not be familiar with the mobile possibilities, but will be required to help this initiative succeed.
    Lack of Internal Focus: More often than not, we tend to start outwardly to customer facing initiatives, when internal efficiencies can be gained just as quickly, and possibly more powerfully to lower costs, improve time and communication between internal stakeholders.
    Assumptions: With mobile, it’s best not to assume anything is or isn’t possible.  But, ask LOTS of questions about the possibilities and you’ll soon get excited about the possibilities.

Anyways, that’s a good dump of information that will soon be elaborated on during an upcoming webinar and additional posts designed to educate our industry about the possibilities.  If you have any questions about what you see here, please let us know.

To Your Success…