Platform Consulting Services

The EquipmentFX platform consulting services and solutions focus on helping clients see new opportunities to manage information better and improve the customer experience.  Ask us how!

Platform Design & Development

The EquipmentFX platform consulting services bring a new vision and set of ideas to improve how data is stored and used, and improve the customer experience on all levels..A true “platform” allows multiple parties to seamlessly exchange information, perform tasks, receive update notifications, messages or generally get things done in a fraction of the time of current legacy systems.

Our platform consulting services partner with industry leaders to combine training and implementation services at a pace that make sense for any client looking to transition to a new way of doing business.  Even a minor engagement will help give your company a sense of the possibilities. We have designed platforms for several clients, and can help assure this area is designed and built to its potential.  Contact us for more information today!

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