Project Management Services

The EquipnentFX project management services combine digital and technology consulting and a success road map and get moving forward, faster!

Project Management

The EquipmentFX project management services include custom project management tools or your own, current system to keep you informed of deliverables and progress against timelines.  Sometimes clients just want an email at the end of the week depending on your schedule or role in any project.

After the any initial EquipmentFX A3 assessment or limited engagement process, we agree collectively on goals, objectives, requirements, budgets and get moving.   There are typically many stakeholders, opinions, work styles, roles and responsibilities – we listen, take notes and recommend a project management service level or plan that is balanced based on all of this. We can then give you the keys or help move the project forward.  The choice is always yours. Contact us today for more information!

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