Marketing & Digital Resources

The EquipmentFX marketing and digital resources are customized for each client engagement but free to use to get your ideas going.  Contact us today!

2022 Mobile Planning Guide

A short, simple guide to understanding planning and processes to improve workflow and profitability

Lead Source Workbook

A dynamic work book to help understand the true value of leads and how to justify marketing spend

Inspection Management Best Practices

A simple but practical guide to ensuring you get the most out of each equipment inspection

Total Cost of Ownership Guide

A practical guide to understanding total costs of equipment ownership and ways to reduce costs

Digital Asset Management Best Practices

A best practice guide and summary of key things to consider when managing assets in the digital age

From Minutes to Seconds

A short e-book on the real reason to consider mobile and cloud solutions in the equipment industry

Equipment Mobile & Remarketing Solutions

A short guide to understanding equipment remarketing solutions and how to eliminate auction services forever

A Cloud Lifestyle Guide for the Equipment Business

A practical guide to leveraging technology to sell used equipment and make big commissions

Customer Value Workbook

A dynamic workbook to help understand the true value of a new customer and justify marketing spend

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