Shopkeepers Guide

The EquipmentFX shop application is simple to use and needs virtually no instruction.  Good applications are intuitive, but you’ve got to explore a bit also.  The Shopkeepers Guide is a short read and a handy reference on all the features and outcomes to optimize your shop experience.

Affiliate & Network Building Gui
Sales Event Guide 3d

Sales Event Guide

We’re firm believers that creating equipment listings to manage or sell equipment should be simple.  From single listings and multi-unit events to custom inspections and building your team, there are processes easily trained on.  This guide helps you understand the principles to manage and profit from a professional sales event.

Minutes To Seconds E-Book

Life in the cloud is all about doing things quickly, efficiently and keeping your information protected.  Our platform is built in Amazon Web Services, or AWS, the same platform as Airbnb.  This short read helps you understand the technical underpinnings of the platform in plain English and the philosophy of why we built a platform “designed by equipment people, for equipment people.” ™

Minutes to Seconds E-Book 3d
Network Building Tips 3D

Network Building Tips

In the software industry we use the term “network effects”.  In the equipment business, we say “everyone knows someone” that needs equipment.  From sales reps & dealers, to brokers and private buyers, you’ve got a list of contacts that are easy to manage with our suite of selling tools.  Build your network, build your business 😊

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