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Our advanced A3 assessments quickly assess, align and activate plans that are simple, effective and result in immediate improvement when it comes to making customers and prospects aware of what you sell and why you’re a better alternative than the competition.

This is a 2 day, onsite visit that includes meetings with all stakeholders involved in sales, marketing, management, IT and ownership. The goals are to understand where you are, where you want to go, and layout an initial digital success plan to help you quickly achieve success, with the strategies, processes and metrics designed to help you own your market for the foreseeable future.

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Project Management

we canIf the assessment process turns into an engagement agreement, we can work with existing project
management programs but prefer to use Basecamp. It’s a simple way to track all tasks, milestones, who
is involved and generally keep things visible and moving forward.

After the assessment process, we agree collectively on goals, objectives, requirements, budgets and get moving. We’ve found our industry mostly likes email updates on Friday, or on an as-needed basis, but a professional project management tool brings a new level of accountability to people and the process. It’s always optional, but there if you need it we can build one or use yours.  It is always recommended.


Value Propositions

Creating a strong value proposition and resulting sales and marketing collateral is central and fundamental to your future success.  There is a lot of “me too” marketing in our industry, but a little extra focus on your key differentiators adds up to more new customers faster if done right. 

We have found that over time, sometimes a company’s unique reason for existing, why it was founded, and what passion a company has for taking care of customer’s individual needs gets lost.  This requires buy-in and input from many people and levels of an organization. The end product is a beautiful creation of who you are and what value you bring to your industry. Ask for examples!


Mobile & Cloud Development

By now, most companies are using some form of mobile or cloud services in their business and personal life, so the concept is not new.  But today, this is an area and opportunity to ask lots of “what if” questions. What if you can do things better, faster and more efficiently?

We have an ebook reference called “From Minutes to Seconds” that’s worth a quick read.  Our industry has variances with reps, technicians and their level of commitment to a new process.  But if something saves them time, they’ll do it. If a process is too cumbersome, they won’t, at least not consistently, and not for long.  Mobile and cloud solutions open up new opportunities for improvement in ALL areas.


Block Chain Development

This is a newer term, often confused solely with crypto currency, “bitcoin” related solutions.  The fact is, block chain is another opportunity for improving trust, processes and authentication that something that should get done, gets done.

Specifically, the areas of financial transactions, asset management, and who does what, when during the lifecycle of an asset is wide open to improvement on all levels.  Every time an asset is installed in the field, or even at the beginning of its second life, is an opportunity to connect every person involved in a transaction with specific activity requirements and confirmation of those activities.


Mobile Applications

Why use us instead of going direct to a development company? Because we will save you a small fortune and a ton of time finding a “qualified” company, develop a realistic budget, speed up your development time frame and help you avoid big mistakes in design and development.

There are many companies that develop mobile applications. Some are better than others, have a track record it seems, and say the right thing. The truth is, many companies are great marketing companies, not engineering companies. Finding the direct path to a solid engineering company that turns ideas into products, without wasting money, and can become your partner is where we excel. Ask for details!


User Experience

What and why our industry does things is often times very unique, yet similar to other, well developed industries.  Finding the common use cases, and developing new use cases specific to our industry is not something outsiders understand as well as we do.

We have spent our own time and dime developing some unique mobile applications for our industry and for client projects that help us understand quickly and intuitively what will or won’t work.  We’ve worked in this industry, managed dealerships, and have managed creative projects over the last 12 years that will speed up any learning curve and avoid costly mistakes we’ve already made ourselves 


Platform Design & Development

If this is a newer term and not fully understood, you’re already behind the game.  A true “platform” allows multiple parties to seamlessly exchange information, perform tasks, receive update notifications, messages or generally get things done in a fraction of the time of current legacy systems.

The book “Platform Revolution” should be required reading for all IT, senior management and general operations.  It helps articulate opportunities within any organization, and will serve as an engaging meeting topic to share ideas and dreams.  We have designed platforms for several clients, and can help assure this area is designed and built to its potential.


CRM Design & Use

CRM systems are always underutilized and real initiatives fail over 90% of the time.  Why is this? What is YOUR experience? Most goals and objectives are over-reaching in scope and the reps don’t like big brother knowing everything about where they are and what they’re doing.  Sound familiar?

Good CRM system use and engagement starts with good “garbage in, garbage out” mentality.  It needs to be something that doesn’t ask for too much information, and promises to use the information to help any system user market their products and services so they don’t have to cold call to death.  And there needs to be a level of accountability on both sides to make it work. Let’s talk!


Digital Marketing Plans

Your company is doing “digital marketing” right now.  But how effective is your plan? Are you using all potential digital marketing strategies to drive brand, product and service awareness?  Chances are you’re using some, with limited effectiveness compared to the possible effectiveness.

Some projects are a complete overhaul, some are minor tweaks, some continue for an extended duration to make sure your company absolutely owns your market and crushes your competition.  All digital marketing plans include an assessment, execution plan and budget based on how aggressive you want to be, or whether ongoing help is even needed after a launch plan is agreed upon.


Branding & Messaging

Who are you? What is your message to the world, at least in your territory?  Are you unique and different, and do you solve customer problems better than any other competitive option?  Does your messaging hit on the main pain points prospects and customers have every day?

It may be time to reevaluate if most of your material is more “me too” than “I am the best option on the market and we’ll prove it to you”.  This part of our assessment looks at what is being used, why, is it still current, does it connect with the audience, is it fresh, new and exciting.  We include trademark use or improvement to really grab attention and convert new prospects. Ask for examples!


Content Creation

You’ve heard the term “content is king” right?  Google and other search engines reward for fresh, relevant content with some technical SEO work on the back end for things like anchor text, back linking to other sources on internet, ultimately with the intent of rewarding companies that do this.

The challenge most companies in our industry have with this is understanding relevant topics to discuss, consistently, how and where to publish the information, how to perform the technical side of SEO on a company blog, and how to FIND YOUR VOICE!  And, who is going to do all this stuff? We help with the creation of a plan using your existing resources to be THE source people turn to for answers.


Liquidation Solutions

Lowering days to sale is fundamental to a higher return on your investment.  We help identify current processes you use compared to what’s possible to move end of lease or used equipment in general off your books and convert your assets into cash as quickly as possible.

We help in the areas of inspections, custom mobile app development and buying and selling partner re-marketing systems to qualified parties that have the resources to make decisions quickly.  This is done by identifying the individual networks of buyers and sellers by region, equipment vertical and class specialty and giving them a finite amount of time to review and make an offer.  Ask for more details!


Dealer Development

OEM’s and their respective dealer networks market combined products and services in each region with a wide range of effectiveness.  Why is this so? There are different aptitudes at each level with digital marketing and general, and sometimes easy to implement awareness strategies aren’t at the top of the priority list.

Developing a comprehensive plan that takes into account regional product and service online and offline strategies, combined with the latest rules by Google and other major search engines requires ongoing diligence to be effective.  The “Find a Dealer” feature is another game altogether, with opportunities to promote the products and services better, the same way, every time when done correctly.