Team MX

The team at EquipmentFX consists of companies specializing in mobile design and engineering, industrial eco-system building, database management, back end server requirements, Cloud applications, security and protection and mobile applications that are responsive in design and configure perfectly to smart phones, tablets and devices of all types. We’ve done work with some of the worlds largest customers with the highest standards imaginable.  These customers include Dell, General Electric and many other companies that need the best in cloud services and data architecture.

We combine a deep understanding of user experiences in the equipment industry with engineering and a deep understanding of data management to deliver the most robust mobile applications, enterprise web applications and cloud services.  In addition, we specialize in technology upgrades, data migration, system integration, data warehousing and business intelligence.

Our client engagements represent an experience that is deeply rooted in understanding our unique “equipment” language, use cases, and solid engineering that has limitless scale and potential. The only limitation is your imagination.

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