EquipmentFX Testimonials

14 + years in business, 165 + client engagements, great projects in great
industries the world over… but don’t take our word for it!

Jeff Meyer, Vice President, Global Asset Manager, DLL Financial Services

Steve’s proposed liquidation solution and delivered project results reduced day-to-sale on some key categories from 2 years to 30 days, and effectively eliminated the need for auction services and other liquidation methods that we were using. 

Overall, these processes have resulted in improved inventory turns, higher margins, customer and dealer satisfaction using better information to help improve decisions between buyer and seller. EquipmentFX changed the way our company does business. We’ve improved our bottom line and have provided a real solution our dealers love!

Mike Sheehan, President, Tandem Financial Services

I have had the good fortune to work with Steve over the years in several capacities. I have found him to be a mindful and deeply detailed digital marketing expert with a keen sense for what the marketplace requires and creating of novel approaches and techniques utilizing the leading edge approaches , processes and systems to drive messaging , awareness and adoption within the marketplace.  

Steve is a thought leader in areas including platform development, 2-sided marketplaces, dealer channel development and is consistently sought out for inclusion in senior level projects and strategic decision making and go to market strategies. 

Steve’s vast experience in operational, finance, service and marketing elements of the business provides him an exceptional perspective on the opportunities, challenges and rewards of choices that businesses make over time. Steve is an asset that others should consider bringing onto the team when the stakes are high. 

Gary Busch, Director of Dealer Development, SANY America

Steve was very instrumental in helping me find leads for my dealer development initiatives while trying to build our dealer network.  Steve created material from scratch with little to work from, and developed a dealer brochure that was exceptional. Together with this approach, he helped drive leads via an online application system.  

In total, we received over 200 qualified dealer leads.  I attribute this to the system we designed including online, offline and some very slick collateral materials to package new dealer presentations and introductory documents.  Overall, he was a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend him highly for projects that need to get done on time and done right!

Sam Becker- Miyadi, SEO Account Strategist, Directive Consulting

Steve demonstrated from day one a level of expertise and industry savviness that allowed us to move our joint project forward. Showing a relentless commitment to execution and follow up, his poise allowed him to manage a number of vendors and internal teams at a high-level. I was always impressed and look forward to the next opportunity to team up!

Robert Schafer, Vice President Americas, SANY America

I have known and worked with Steve for over 25 years. He works countless hours behind the scenes ensuring work is done on time per contract requirements. Steve seamlessly manages multiple projects leveraging his vast network of marketing services partners.  If you want solid solutions to pressing problems, he’s the guy you want to work with.

Theodore Rennenberg, Global Asset Manager, De Lage Landen Financial Services

I had the good fortune to work for Steve at Johnson Lift in Southern California. Steve’s focus on picking the right people for the right positions, his willingness to try new innovative business strategies while closely tracking their progress, as well as his long term view of the business led to his success at Johnson.  

Steve knew the value of coordinating sales marketing with sales activities, as well as the importance of building a more cooperative organization way before these strategies became commonplace in business. I’d highly recommend him to assess where you are and how you’re going to get there, then use him to get you there faster!

Jim Beradone, Product Leader, Tech Innovator, GO TO Market Strategist

Steve is a rare breed of marketeer. Unlike other marketing experts and executives who know marketing, Steve also knows business, strategy, sales, social media and technology – and the industrial equipment market. It’s this combination that makes him exceptional. I saw him first-hand work effectively under the tightest deadline I’ve ever seen given to a vendor.

 (i.e. beyond the last minute) – collaborating to develop the big picture – strategy, vision, brand positioning, and priorities, and doing hands-on development of the tactical – messages, website, design, collateral, social media, etc.  I’d highly recommend Steve when things need to get done!

Pete Chiappa, Food Business Unit CEO, Vantage Specialty Chemicals

Steve was hired by our company to develop a wide variety of marketing collateral and other materials to be used by our team to further our business development efforts. As part of this project, Steve worked with many of us to 1) enhance his understanding of our business, 2) lead discussions to elicit our points of view and seek input into the key messaging and 3) review and develop the collateral. My role was to participate in many of these discussions and provide input. Steve demonstrated a thorough understanding of the material handling industry. 

I found him to be a very good facilitator with the communication skills necessary to bring together many different ideas and work styles and meld them into a set of key messages for our business.  Messaging and branding takes a deep dive to fully understand, improve and articulate and his broad experience in the equipment industry helps create a unique vision and end product your company will be impressed by.

Karl Walinskas, Business Development & Revenue Growth Strategist for IT Firms

Steve and I had the opportunity to work together on developing some LinkedIn profiles and business pages. During the work I discovered his social media and equipment consulting services at Equipment FX and Tuffwerx, a really revolutionary platform for buying and selling of used equipment. 

Steve’s energy is off the charts on social media and video and his passion for the equipment industry makes it obvious why he is a success in it and a leader in the field of equipment technology and methods to source, negotiate, and obtain capital equipment at a better value than anywhere else on the web. 

Erik Dreyer, Senior Software Engineer, CarGurus

Steve is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. His mind never stops churning on ideas across a broad range of subjects, whether it be sales strategy, marketing strategy and message creation, business ideas, and more. 

From a sales standpoint he’s got what it takes to bring in the big deals, having landed TuffWerx a large international client. I’m looking forward with him as we build this business! 

Jonathan Usher, Marketing Engineer, S & C Electric

You are a marketing genius! The attention to details in your processes and your commitment to continued learning and growth are unmatched. Your strategies work well beyond the equipment world, and I’m happy to refer you to my network. Just by reviewing your website, anyone can easily understand your plan to increase ROI on marketing.  

They should also quickly realize that it’s more effective and cost efficient to outsource their marketing to EquipmentFX. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

Scott Wentz, Territory Manager, Pape Material Handling

Steve has incredible drive, talent, leadership skills, and winning can do attitude that would greatly impact any organization that were to partner with him. He has excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional knowledge of sales and marketing. His leadership skills drove our Company to record revenue and profit results.  

Steve speaks technology as well as anyone in our industry and designs marketing and sales systems that are proven, effective, multiply the effectiveness of any sales staff and generate a TON of leads.  If you want leads, hire Steve!

Karin Challis, Senior Manager, Wireless Products, SE Division

Steve is an amazing visionary with extraordinary marketing talent in organizational development that not only quickly brings a company’s return on investment but additionally, increased revenues and employee retention. He has a proven track record of bringing operational cohesion between all departments in an organization whether that be sales, service, operations, etc. 

People WANT to work for Steve – he has the vision, the inspiration, the compassion and the drive to see and help people succeed.  I would work for him again anywhere – he is absolutely inspiring and he’s just damn good at what he does. Anyone who does not choose Steve or his services is truly missing out on what could be their best possible asset. 

Alexander Ermakov

Steve and EquipmentFX was hired by our company, Strategy Partners, to help align dealer sales and marketing initiatives across the entire country of Russia for a large OEM client.  He came for a 2 1/2 week  visit in the dead of winter for a visit to the OEM office in Moscow, then for 10 days to our client manufacturing plant in Chelyabinsk to observe how the machines were produced.

From this visit, Steve presented to our dealer body of 55 dealers solutions about marketing and sales best practices, and produced a 113 page report with strategy, examples, “how to” processes, resources to obtain more information and implementation techniques to take the ideas and put them into practice.  Overall, he was professional, well received by the OEM and dealer body and we received excellent advice on improving sales and marketing operations on many levels.  I would highly recommend Steve and the work of EquipmentFX!