Where I Have Been & What I’ve Been Up To

Written by: equipmentfx

December 9, 2019


From equipment dealer principal to mobile and technology strategy guy was always part of the plan, it just took time and patience.

When I left the dealer world in 2007, my vision was for better standards and application of those standards across the board in terms of digital marketing, new and used sales processes online and adoption of new, exciting and EFFICIENT technologies that let us do more with less investment, in less time, with better returns on investment, and happy, happy people.

If you remember the downturn in 2007 that lasted for 6 years, you could not have picked a worse time to hang your shingle out and look for digital consulting and marketing projects.

Yep, bad timing. But fortunately the other digital and outsource trends of doing more for less still existed for me and my model, so I applied what I do now to myself, made some mistakes but ultimately improved my own knowledge base to help customers just like you.

Main Lessons Learned

Later in this blog I give you some information about the amount of digital tools available to make you a really good marketing company if you can apply them. There are thousands of options available, to be put into a predictable marketing system customized to you WITHOUT spending a fortune.

A couple of the main lessons learned along the way:

  • Big companies don’t always do the best work and they charge a fortune. There are better options you need to know about.
  • Success comes from really understanding, through your eyes, the challenges, the stakeholders and understand clearly the user experience with your product and/or service, and communicate that back to your company accurately, and consistently to become better at what you do.

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