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Marketing and Technology Assessment Services

The EquipmentFX A3 marketing and technology ..

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Project Management

Project Management

The EquipmentFX project management services include custom project management tools or your own..

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Value Propositions

EquipmentFX specializes in equipment focused value proposition development and consulting to make your brand..

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Mobile & Cloud Development

EquipmentFX mobile application and cloud consulting services bring a first hand..

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Block Chain Development

The EquipmentFX block chain consulting services bring a unique approach to this new opportunity ..

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Mobile Applications

The EquipmentFX mobile application development services include initial assessment, formal..

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User Experience

The EquipmentFX user experience design services bring together the essential elements ..

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Platform Design & Development

The EquipmentFX platform consulting services bring a new vision and set of ideas..

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CRM Design & Use

The EquipmentFX CRM consulting services help companies understand what will work..

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Digital Marketing Plans

EquipmentFX specializes in advanced level assessments and digital marketing consulting..

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Branding & Messaging

The EquipmentFX branding and messaging services combines high level branding..

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Content Creation

EquipmentFX content management services and plans bring together a unique…

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Liquidation Solutions

Lowering days to sale is fundamental to a higher return on your investment.We help identify..

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Dealer Development

EquipmentFX designs and delivers dealer development plans that improve and standardize..

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Equipment Focused Marketing Solutions

Unique strategies targeted to the perfect audience with impactful value propositions and competitive positioning


Advanced Technology Adoption Strategies

Adopt new and productive technologies into your business without spending a fortune or disrupting your culture


Digital Improvement Programs for Forward Thinkers

How to do more with less, know where you stand today and custom plans to get you where you need to go… faster!

Every Project is Tailored to Your EXACT Requirements

EquipmentFX specializes in our unique A3 assessment process and custom, short term engagement plans designed to drive your digital future forward, faster. We partner with several web, social, technology, mobile app & development companies that don’t speak our language but are quick to adapt when partnering together.

For 12 + years, and with 30 + years of direct experience at the highest level of equipment OEM and dealer performance, EquipmentFX specializes in understanding our industry and designing relevant solutions to drive leads, sales and Return on Investment for today’s aggressive, forward thinking equipment OEM’s and dealers.

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We’ve Been in the Equipment Business for Over 30 Years

We’ve got a unique story rooted in equipment experience combined with doing advanced digital strategy and implementation since before Google was Google (literally)

Client Testimonials

“Steve’s proposed liquidation solution and delivered project results reduced day-to-sale on some key categories from 2 years to 30 days, and effectively eliminated the…”

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I have had the good fortune to work with Steve over the years in several capacities. I have found him to be a mindful and deeply detailed digital marketing expert with a keen…

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Steve was very instrumental in helping me find leads for my dealer development initiatives while trying to build our dealer network. Steve created material from scratch…

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